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Collecting AHP Waste

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Collecting Domestic AHP Waste

While Knowaste is a waste treatment company, our team has over half a century of collective experience in waste hauling and is able to bring its experience to bear in helping you to address your collection and infrastructure questions,while also developing good practice
through trials and roll-out of kerbside services. We work in collaboration with all public sector waste partners to help develop cost effective and sustainable solutions.

The industry standard protocol for the collection of offensive waste (AHP) is a yellow bag with a black stripe. It is commonly known as a "tiger bag". This would be used in conjunction with the relevant sized container.

The DCLG pioneered a fund of £250million to support weekly collections for local authorities.
This Weekly Collections Support Scheme will both support weekly collections and enable councils to invest in schemes and projects that encourage recycling. If you have made a bid to introduce or trial nappy/diaper and other absorbent hygiene products recycling please contact the Business Development department should you require assistance.

And for details on how Knowaste's recycling process can
benefit the environment, please review the summary of a recent life cycle assessment (LCA) by Deloitte's.