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Global interest in Knowaste’s AHP technology

We are experiencing an ever growing global interest in our AHP recycling technology, with recent enquiries from almost 20 countries in Europe and Asia, including Germany, Hong Kong and India. 

As pressure to meet recycling targets continue to rise, waste policies change and the amount of landfill space declines, many are looking for solutions to meet demanding targets. Our aim is to provide an environmentally sound solution to help achieve these requirements.

This interest is reflected on social media, which has proved a source of many conversations around the subject. Recently someone from Mexico who is interested in Knowaste technologies contacted us on Twitter to ask how it could be implemented in the country. We also undertook a Skype lesson with university students in Brazil who wanted to know more about our process, which inspired one of them to apply for an internship at our business. Informing interested parties worldwide and establishing a wider understanding of our technologies is invaluable to our business and the wider waste industry. 

This is an exciting time for Knowaste and we are delighted that our profile and vision is gaining global attention. There is no doubt that AHPs represent an extremely valuable and currently underused resource. Our process proves that it has the capability to create plastic products – from building materials to cat litter. 

To find out more about our AHP technology process, watch our video here: 

For more information visit our website or visit us on Twitter @Knownappywaste


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