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Knowaste goes global: news from Australia and South Africa

Knowaste is becoming a global movement. We are really excited to be working with licensees in Australia and South Africa to bring our innovative AHP recycling technology and Knowaste know-how to new parts of the world. Since our summer newsletter, interest has turned into action and we have made some great progress.

In Australia, Relivit is our sole licensee and is in the final stages of fundraising for its plant to service New South Wales and Sydney. The first recycling plant is due to open  in 2015-2016 and has received a $1.3m Australian Government grant to help fund its construction. Landfill costs in New South Wales are amongst the most expensive in the world: in Sydney they surpass $300 per tonne. AHP recycling presents a fantastic opportunity for organisations to save these costs by reducing the amount of recycling sent to landfill. Relivit has already secured the waste feedstock to begin operations and will be carrying out household collection trials in the near future.

Lance Anderson is our licensee in South Africa and has been experiencing significant developments. This follows a Government announcement that identified AHP waste as a key area of concern. At this time, Knowaste was represented at a hygiene waste management workshop in Pretoria, which brought together AHP manufacturers and government officials. The workshop identified cost effective methods for reducing the volume of AHP waste going into landfill, in order to meet the ambitious targets of 75% in diversion rates by 2022. 

Knowaste SA is exploring finance mechanisms for four new plants across South Africa, with the first site planned for the major city of Gauteng. Under these plans, AHP depots would be established and there are exciting plans to collect wastage from hospitals, retirement homes, shopping malls and military bases. The collection method offers the potential for job creation in a country where unemployment rates stand at around 25%.

We are looking forward to seeing these developments take shape alongside our new site in the UK which is part of a larger plan of major site development.   

Keep up to date with our news and developments by following @Knownappywaste on Twitter. Find out more about licensee here. 


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