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Knowaste Intellectual Property

As a pioneer in recycling technology, we are one of the market leaders paving the way for the diversification of the industry. Specialising in recycling Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHPs), Knowaste presents an opportunity to the waste industry.

We have been researching and developing technology to recycle AHPs since the 1990s. By exploring the latest technologies through our Research and Development (R&D) facilities in Canada, USA and the UK we have been able to discover new and efficient ways of processing this specific waste material. 

Whilst AHP product is the same worldwide the Knowaste process needs to be flexible so that it can adapt to the requirements of each country, whether that be utility scarcity, environmental issues, legislation or market conditions. As a market leader we need to protect our position because the cost of this R&D is both immense and time consuming. With this in mind, we have invested heavily in our Intellectual Property (IP) by obtaining patents for processes, equipment and knowledge. We will defend our IP vigorously to ensure that our reputation is not exploited.

Recently we obtained a new patent that expands our area of expertise in processing AHP waste material so that it can be recycled into high quality materials that can be reused in other product streams. Our patents are valid within all relevant countries in the world.

The need for diverse recycling technologies continues to grow all over the world, as costs for landfill increases. We are doing our part to tackle AHP waste globally which still represents around 4% of all solid waste sent to landfill. 

The Knowaste recycling process of AHPs is considered to be the most sustainable solution to managing this specific waste, saving up to 70% of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to the usual disposal methods of landfill and incineration. 

As pressures to meet recycling targets continue to rise, waste policies change and the amount of landfill space declines, our bespoke AHP recycling process provides an environmentally sound solution. 

For more information on Knowaste visit: or follow us on Twitter @Knownappywaste.  


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