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Knowaste secures significent fibre deal

We are delighted to announce that we are in the final stages of signing a contract with a leading UK distributor of pet litter to receive the fibre output from the absorbent hygiene product (AHP) recycling process.

Knowaste is to provide 20,000 tonnes of fibre per annum to the pet litter distributor; 10,000 tpa from our first plant in London and 10,000 tpa from the second plant when built.

The fibre outputs will be used to manufacture high quality pet litter thanks to the absorbent nature of the AHP products that Knowaste recycles. The products themselves will be distributed throughout the UK and Europe.

The UK alone consumes 260,000 tonnes of pet litter annually along with an even greater number from across Europe. The industry is growing rapidly and the UK market now worth up to £120 million, calling for a greater need to use recycled fibres in their production.

The fibre outputs, which are the product of Knowaste’s patented formula and process, are washed, dried and processed for use in pet litter. They can also be utilised as a concrete and tarmac additive, brick manufacture and insulation materials. 100% of AHP products can be recycled with the remaining solids and liquids sent to the sewer for treatment.

Not only does our process produce fibre outputs for use in new products, but it also saves up to 70% of CO2e compared to the emissions from the usual disposal methods of landfill and incineration. 

Our process aims to help local authorities, healthcare, residential care, day care and washroom service providers, improve sustainability and, in the long term, avoid the increasing costs of sending waste to landfill.

The agreement of the deal is an exciting development in our journey to open the new and improved facility in London and we look forward to announcing further deals in the future.

Visit our website for further details on our processes and connect with us on our Facebook page and Twitter feed @knownappywaste for news and updates.


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