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Knowaste submits plans for UK’s largest nappy recycling facility

We have just submitted plans to develop the UK’s largest nappy recycling facility in Hayes, West London. 

Plans involve investing £14m in the development of a state-of-the-art Absorbent Hygiene Product (AHP) recycling facility, on an industrial site in Uxbridge Road. The site is named Hayes 180 and is planned for launch in early 2017.

If approved, Hayes 180 would be the biggest plant of its kind in the UK. The sustainable facility would process at least 36,000 tonnes of AHP waste per annum, and create up to 20 new local jobs including administrative, site operative and technical positions.

We believe our investment will have a very positive local impact and we look forward to engaging local schools, businesses and residents to highlight the environmental benefits of Knowaste coming to their area.

Our planning submission would not alter the existing building including design. The only change would be the internal use of the building for our recycling technology. Hayes 180 is the start of an exciting phase for Knowaste, and the area of West London offers a great foundation for the development of our technology.

The recycling of AHPs is considered to be the most sustainable solution to managing this specific waste, saving up to 70% of carbon dioxide emissions when compared to the usual disposal methods of landfill and incineration. Our innovative Knowaste process is able to recycle about 97% of the AHP product. 
The new site is part of a larger programme of site development that we plan to roll out across the UK. 

For more information on Knowaste’s planning application for new site, Hayes 180 please visit:


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