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New Mayor of London wants city to be low-carbon beacon

London’s newly elected mayor has a keen interest when it comes to the environment, waste and recycling. Sadiq Khan, the Labour man who has now taken the reigns at City Hall, has had no reservations in stating his bold ambition: a promise to make the capital "one of the world’s greenest cities”. Through measures including "reinvigorating efforts to increase the amount London recycles”, Mr Khan hopes that London can "up its game” on resource efficiency.

Although mentions of waste and recycling in his manifesto are without specific action points, the vision to make London a low-carbon beacon are clear. Championing high recycling targets, Khan had said he will ensure the city gets back on track, with an aim to hit the 65 per cent recycling target by 2030. He also indicated that he sees waste as "an opportunity to create jobs in reuse, repair, remanufacturing and materials innovation”. He also promised to set an example and "lead on reducing the city’s waste footprint, working to increase recycling and cut the amount London sends to and fill”.

Knowaste fully welcomes these commitments from the new Mayor of London. We look forward to working with him in delivering the positive outcomes he wishes to see through increased recycling and landfill reduction. The disposal of nappies and incontinence waste products offers an exciting opportunity, both for job creation and materials innovation. With the prospect of the world’s first commercial nappy recycling facility in Hayes, Knowaste is delighted to be a leader in lighting an early flame of London’s low-carbon beacon.


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