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Political analysis: Meanwhile, in Westminster…

As the new year begins, we look to the projected political agenda for waste and environmental sustainability in 2016. 

Last year’s spending review gave us a taste of things to come as the chancellor George Osborne announced that day to day spending for the environment and energy is set to fall by 15% and 22% respectively.

Highlights of the review included a boost to the Renewable Heat Incentive and a reform of the Landfill Communities Fund, which will see more money directed towards tackling waste crime.

As a pioneer in recycling technology, we anticipate that budget cuts will be challenging but it is essential that companies in the waste and energy sector continue to collaborate with the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to ensure shared objectives are met. 

In opposition, Shadow Environment Secretary Kerry McCarthy has for the first time since her appointment given an indication of how the Labour Party’s policy on waste and recycling would look. She has openly criticised the Tory’s current policy to standardise local authority recycling collection regimes across England. Kerry added that more efforts are needed to tackle food waste which could be achieved by the implementation of a landfill ban or mandatory food waste collections.

Meanwhile, Mayor of London, Boris Johnson has called for London to take a "leadership role” with the circular economy. This is an alternative model to the traditional make – use – dispose linear economy. In a circular economy, resources are reused for as long as possible, before being recovered and regenerated at the end of each service life. This achieves maximum value for product and materials. 

Initial focus areas in London have been identified as the built environment, food; textiles, electricals, and plastics.

This is great news for Knowaste as we plan to open the UK’s largest nappy recycling facility in West London. The model proposed by Mayor Johnson is in line with Knowaste’s activity to recycle Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHPs), like nappies, into useful plastic pellets used in manufacturing and pet litter. 

Our plans will champion the circular economy and contribute to the West London Waste Plan – a truly exciting phase of development for Knowaste. 

For more information on Knowaste visit: or follow us on Twitter @KnowNappyWaste.


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