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Knowaste creates buzz at RWM 2012

This year at RWM 2012, there was a genuine buzz around Knowaste. Knowaste offered waste contractors and private and public sector waste managers a glimpse of the Knowaste recycling process and discussed ways to meet the challenges of recycling disposable nappies/diapers, incontinence pads and feminine hygiene products (known as absorbent hygiene products or AHP).

Discussions unveiled that, for local authorities, nappies/diapers are undoubtedly one of the single biggest items left in 'black bag' waste which can account for as much as 10% of that stream - and in some cases up to 20% according to one council.

The cost of investing in collection infrastructure was a common theme.  The benefits of increasing recycling rates, offering a welcome service to families and carers and contributing to sustainability goals are evident; how to do this cost effectively can in part be answered by avoiding ever-increasing landfill tax and reviewing capacity and frequency of residual 'black bin' collections. As well as seeing what synergies can be found between the domestic sector and the commercial and care sectors. Some of these elements will be modelled as a result of collection trials being undertaken with 7 local authorities in the UK and due to be reported in early 2013.

Knowaste can help you recycle more, to know more please contact Paul Richardson of business development who will be delighted to discuss this exciting opportunity to divert nappies/diapers and other hygiene wastes from landfill.


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