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The Knowaste system uses unique recycling technology to transform AHPs into plastic pellets and pet litter. The process recycles 97% of the "product” with the remaining 3% being lost within the liquid discharge to sewer. The "product” is the manufactured item which is a nappy, adult incontinence pad or feminine hygiene pad. Typically, a used nappy weighs on average 240g of which 40g is the manufactured part and 200g is the human liquid and solids.

We have been working tirelessly to divert waste from landfill and find a suitable use for the material. Most recently, we have been exploring ways to further develop our recycling process with the potential to make use of the human solids and liquids recovered with the unique Knowaste process. 

There are many innovative solutions for human waste such as;

Many companies are already pioneering in ways to transform human waste into energy. In fact, the sludge that usually finds its way into the discharge sewer could be frozen into large ice cubes and transformed into fuel. 

You may have heard about the 130 ‘poo powered buses’ that will be making their way on to the streets of Bristol over the next three years. The city is hoping to become the first in the world to get not just one but two fleets of buses entirely powered by human poo. 

More recently, wee-powered socks have been making the headlines as researchers from the University of West of England have created a pair of socks which could generate electricity when human fluids like urine are pumped over fuel cells by the wearer's footsteps.

It is an exciting time for the waste management industry and we look forward to what 2016 has in store. You can be sure that Knowaste will be looking at all the options so that our process is the most sustainable AHP recycling process on the planet. 

For more information on Knowaste visit: or follow us on Twitter @KnowNappyWaste.


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