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Update on Hayes 180

Since the last edition of the Knowaste newsletter we have resubmitted plans to develop the UK’s largest nappy recycling facility in Hayes, West London (Hillingdon planning reference 1911/APP/2016/1472).

Changes to our application include a revised odour management system, as requested by Hillingdon Council. It also includes a full odour modelling study, which analyses a worse-case scenario for any minor residual odour emitted from the plant following treatment by the high tech odour management system. Utilising Defra guidelines for residual odour we are able to ensure that our plant meets all the criteria for a safe and pleasant surrounding environment.

Knowaste at Hayes 180 is an ambitious project that will position the borough of Hillingdon as a leader in waste management and environmental sustainability. This supports the West London Waste Plan, which sets out planning policies for the management of waste with a view to reduce the five million tonnes of refuse generated by the area each year. We estimate that our new site will handle at least 36,000 tonnes of AHP waste a year, helping the area reduce waste and reach its ambitious aims.
We have been advised that a decision should be reached by Hillingdon Council by mid-July, who will determine the outcome of our application at a Major Applications Committee.

We have also resubmitted an application for an environmental permit to the Environmental Agency (EA) which is an operational permit to regulate the facility. Our application was duly made by the EA on 14 April, which means this is ready to be assessed and we’re expecting a response in the next few months.
For more information on Knowaste’s planning application for new site, Hayes 180 please visit:


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