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Recycling specialists for absorbent hygiene waste

Recycle more with Knowaste

Disposable nappies, incontinence and feminine hygiene products - we specialise in recycling all our absorbent hygiene products

Today’s Knowaste recycling process is built on two decades of design and development expertise

Plastics and fibres are recovered for re-processing into new products

Helping you cut carbon, increase recycling rates and recover valuable resources for re-use

Knowaste, the world's first recycling specialist for disposable nappies, incontinence and feminine hygiene products now in the UK.

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Knowaste In Action

Watch a short film looking at  Knowaste in action in the Midlands


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Knowaste, the first company to recycle Absorbent Hygiene Products (AHP) including nappies and adult...



Resources including a Life Cycle Assessment measuring environmental impact.